Woman Thinks Military Boyfriend Is Coming Home, Then Reads A Note Telling Her To Leave

No matter whichway you look at it, it’s extremely difficult to cope with a loved one being deployed withthe military.

Even though the soldiers themselvesmight know they are out of harm’s way, family and friends usually have noway of knowingand tend to worry about “what if” scenarios.

But there’s nothing more precious than the moment a soldier finally returns home, like whenthis mom surprised her two sons around the holidays.

In July 2016, we sawa solidercome home after five months of deployment without letting his girlfriend know.She was under the impressionhe was arriving in about a week’s time, so she was surprised to come to a rose and a letter one day. As she picked it up and read through it, she discovered that her boyfriend was taking her ona scavenger hunt.

Each clue brought her to a place that meant something intheir relationship from where they met to where they had their first date eventually leading her to the botanical gardens, where he was waiting for her.

Asshe turned the corner, she saw her boyfriendfrom a distance and couldn’t believe her eyes. She sprinted into his arms and they embraced in a passionate kiss, sharing a moment that willsurely last forever.

Justwhen she thought her solider coming home was the big surprise, he completely shockedher when he got down on one knee… but you’ll have to witness what comes next for yourselfin the video below!

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