With Just A Few Wooden Pallets, You Can Make A Functional And Adorable Fence

You don’t have to be an avid gardener to appreciate a beautifully constructed garden fence.

When Instructables user wanted to expand his vegetable patch, he didn’t want to just throw a fence up to keep the critters out, he wanted to make sure that the thing was functional and looked nice.

Naturally, he turned to every DIY-ers dream material…wooden pallets!

First, he found some one-time-use pallets that hadn’t been treated with chemicals.

He wanted to make sure the wood was safe to be around food he’d be eating.

He ripped the pallets apart.

While you don’t have to do this step, jsajdak cut the pallets down so that they were similar sizes.

He measured out two different sizes so that when the fence was finished, it would have some curb appeal.

Then it was time to get digging.

The trench was about 10 inches wide and about six inches deep. In the corners, he dug holes about 18 inches down to provide extra stability for the posts.

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He used two-by-threes for the posts and began screwing in the cross rails.

When it came time to add the chicken wire, first he buried it and then stapled it to the pallets on the inside.

Alternating the longer and shorter pallet pieces, the fence finally began to take shape!

How cute is this? You can paint it or just leave it as is.

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