With Glam Camping, Getting Back To Nature Has Never Been More Luxurious

When you think of glamorous and romantic vacation destinations, the first place you think of may not be Slovenia.

After all, the tiny Southern European country is often forgotten, sandwiched as it is between Italy and Austria. As it turns out, forgetting about Slovenia may be a major mistake for people who are looking for a deluxe adventure in the wilderness.

Thats because Slovenia is home to some of the worlds most exquisite glampgrounds, thanks to the homegrown company Lushna. Glamping, a combination of the words glamorous and camping, is abig trend in vacations it may even give underwater hotels a run for their money!

After all, what could be better than enjoying the great outdoors, but with all the comfort and coziness of a five-star hotel?

Lushna supplies triangular structures that look at first glance like tents, but are really more like extra-tiny, tiny homes.

They can be fitted with everything from queen-size beds to working saunas, and are environmentally friendly, comfortable, and downright gorgeous!


Almost all of Lushna’s tents, called “villas,” are triangular wooden structures, complete with a solid wood door for more privacy. They can be set up just about anywhere, and come in a wide range of different interiors to fit any possible vacation destination!

The simplest option is their Villa Massive. As the name suggests, the space is big enough to accommodate a king-size bed, which fits cozily between the peaked walls.

This villa is also equipped with a panoramic glass wall so that guests can see all of nature unfolding around them! It can also be adapted with a living green roof for the ultimate back-to-nature experience.

Here’s what the villa looks like with a roof of ivy installed. It practically blends right into the forest, and would definitely make for good camouflage from a distance.

The Villa Airy is very similar, with the sameking-size bed and structure, but minus the glass walls and doors. Instead, this structure is more like a hollow triangle, with mosquito nets at the back and the front. This style is perfect for a warm-weather, beach-side retreat!

Of course, when a luxury wooden tent simply isn’t enough, there’s also the option of a suite. More like a small cabin, the suite style includes a kitchenette, a private bath and shower, and tons of luxurious green amenities.

In addition to the simple residential options, they also offer plenty of “glamping” experiences for those looking for a spa getaway in nature. One version of the villa is a wooden sauna heated by firewood.

And the sauna can be supplemented with an intimate soak in a wood-fired Dutch hot tub. We can’t imagine anything more heavenly than going for a starlit dip in this tub in the middle of winter!

Honestly, it’s pretty hard to imagine a more comfortable and relaxing way to get in tune with nature.All the charm of a natural retreat, with none of the mosquito bites sounds pretty good to us!

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