Wife Refuses To Get Rid Of Gown After Wedding. 50 Years Later, She Gets Ready To Wear It Again

Annie Barnes is a self-proclaimed pack rat. She loves saving things, even if she knows she probably should have gotten rid of them.

A lot of items stop being practical after a while, but people keep them for their sentimental value. However, some things are definitely worth holding on to, such as a wedding dress.

Annie has kept her wedding dress tucked away in a box in the attic for the last 50 years. This March, she will bring it back out again.

When she and her husband Gene got married in 1967, Annie made her own wedding dress, modeling it on a gown she saw once in a store. She says, “I got the pattern, got the fabric and I put together what I could with what I had.”

Although the dress is a little small and a little wrinkled, it’s still in great shape which is good, because Annie plans on wearing it when she and Gene renew their vows for their 50th anniversary.

She came up with the idea when she realized that, like their wedding, their 50th anniversary will fall on a Sunday. “I said, we must do this,” she recalled. “We must make a special effort to celebrate this day.”

And Gene? He says he’s not shocked. “It doesn’t surprise me she kept it. It doesn’t surprise me she wants to wear it again. That’s kind of the way she is. That’s not a bad thing. That is a good thing.”

Clearly, he knows and loves his wife very much after 50 years of marriage, I wouldn’t expect anything less.

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