Wife Keeps Her Plain Hairstyle For 20 Years, Then Husband Buys Her A Makeover

When you think about it, stylists are much more talented than some of us give them credit for. Without them, many of us wouldn’t see or realize our full potential.

Their knowledge ofhair, makeup, and wardrobe isn’teasily attainable. Because then we’d all be walking around looking perfect all the time, wouldn’t we? Stylists have the power and knowledge to make men and women feel beautiful on the outside. They don’t call it “beauty school” for nothing!

And Christopher Hopkins, “theMakeup Guy,”is one of the best in the business.

Nikki’s husband got her a makeover with Christopher as a gift. Not becausehe wanted her to change, but because he wanted her to have fun and feel good!

When she comes into the salon in the video below, she explains that she doesn’t like her hair short, and she doesn’t want to lose much length. Many people might think this won’t be a big great change, right?

But Christopher findsa way to completely transform her even without chopping the length!

With layering, styling, and amazing new color, Nikki looks absolutely stunning! And I’d say these simple changes took some years off her too! Wouldn’tyou?

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