Three Simple Ways To Treat Brittle Winter Nails With Ordinary Household Products

If you’re anything like me, your skin and nails start to wage a war against you every winter. The irritating itching and scratching feels like it begins earlier and earlier each year. But instead of wasting money on boutique products promising relief, I like to find simple, DIY versions I can whip up on my own, likethis amazing homemade lip balmthat is so easy to make and super-hydrating.You’ll never waste another dime on ineffective Chapsticks again!

But no amount ofcreams and lotions I slather my hands with has made a difference on my stubborn nails. They chip away pretty often on a regular basis, so you can imagine how much worse it gets when the weather starts to chill down. There’s no point in giving myself an awesome manicure when I know mynails won’t stand a chanceunder the pressure.After years of frustration, this video has finally given me a lot ofhope.

Using some of the ordinary items that you might already have in your home, she gives her nails the boost of moisture, exfoliation, and strength they need every time the snowflakes start to fall. Even if you don’t already have the items, they’re all totallybudget-friendly, and they can be picked up at any local drug store. I know I’m stopping at mine on the way home tonight to stock up!

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