They Look Like Ordinary Neighbors, Then Reveal Inside Of Home Is Prepared For Zombie Apocalypse

In todays day and age, people are encouraged to be prepared for anything from a natural disaster that comes out of nowhere, to an economic collapse that leaves people financially crushed.

This can even apply to arming ourselveswith the necessary tools for certain scenarios, likethis device that helps protect women against violence!

From the events weve experienced in the 21stcentury, its definitely not a bad idea to stay ahead of the curve.

Mark and his wife Sue who are described in thenews segment below aspreppers are doing exactly that.

The couple from Burlington County, NJ, grows their own food on-site, then cans them for preservation. They also keep a large bucket of dried food in their home at all times.

Youre preparing for any kind of crisis situation,” Mark tells Fox 29. “It could be from a car accident to a collapse of society to a zombie apocalypse who knows what.

In addition to edible goods, they also have an emergency pack in their car, complete with a battery pack to jump the car, plus a survival bag filled with extra clothing, a first-aid kit, water, and food.

As the broadcaster says, theyre not paranoid; theyre just prepared.

Watch how this married couple does it all below. Do you consider yourself a prepper and have other tips that werent mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to SHARE with friends and family on Facebook!

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