These 23 Ridiculously Easy Recipes Give Whole New Life To Refrigerator Biscuits

No matter how much time and effort goes into dinner, refrigerated biscuits are always going to be the first dish to disappear. They’re just so darn easy, delicious, and impossible to resist. So, who’s to say you can’t use this already incredible ingredient to make even more absurdly delicious meals or snacks without spending hours in the kitchen? No one!

These 23 recipes are just the beginning of what you can do with pre-packaged dough, but they’re all oh so yummy.

1. These cinnamon sugar doughnuts are ridiculously simple.

2. Or maybe you like your easy-as-pie doughnuts covered in Nutella?

3. Take ham and cheese to a whole new level.

4. These garlic parmesan knots couldn’t be more mouthwateringly handsome.

5. Mini chicken pot pies make for a perfect last-minute dinner.

6. A chicken biscuit bake is a scrumptious, all-in-one meal.

7. Italian cheesy bombs are enough to kill all other food cravings.

8. Pesto-mozzarella pizza pull-apart bread will make you a very happy camper.

9. Apple fritter pull-apart bread could be for dessert or breakfast…because of the apples, right?

10. This caramel apple monkey bread is probably better left to dessert, though.

11. This is all you’ll ever need from breakfast.

12. Obviously, there are plenty of ways to use biscuits for breakfast…but these egg, sausage, and cheese calzones are so yummy.

Wine And Glue

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13. Waffle-ify your canned biscuits!

14. Spice things up with some jalapeño poppers.

15. Never be intimidated by bao sandwiches again, because the buns are just a step away.

16. Monte Cristo poppers are great for those sweet and savory fans out there.

17. Stuff some biscuits with taco fixings and chow down.

18. BBQ chicken pinwheels sound pretty delicious.

19. These beefy babies are sure to satisfy that burger craving.

20. The cream cheese frosting on these twists kick things up a flavor notch.

21. If spinach artichoke dip is your thing, then you’ll love these biscuit cups!

22. Cheesy spinach crescent rolls will probably also make your day.

23. These cherry danishes will transport you to Denmark — no flight required.

(via BuzzFeed)

That pesto-mozzarella pizza bread is on my mind…I absolutely cannot wait to try it! Every one of these recipes is sure to be the belle of any ball, but remember to use your own imagination, too! The options are endless; stuff some biscuits with jam and cream cheese, or maybe some brie and honey. Whatever you like!

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