‘The Hive’: Sound and light installation controlled by bees

(CNN)Deep inside the Royal Botanical Gardens in London, a 40 ton steel sculpture has arisen in a peaceful wildflower meadow. The structure is called “The Hive” — a 17 meter tall ode to the plight of honeybees, created by artist Wolfgang Buttress.

Highlighting the importance of bees

“The Hive” aims to highlight the importance of pollinators like the honeybee in feeding humanity, and the challenges facing the species due to climate change, pesticides, and lack of biodiversity — a message which made it a perfect fit for its new home in London.
“The purpose of ‘The Hive’,” says Director of Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew Richard Deverell, “is to tell the story of the role of bees in pollinating crop plants and therefore feeding the planet. I thought that was perfect for Kew because we want to bring alive why plants matter, and clearly one of the most important things that plants do, is to feed humanity.”
Speaking about “The Hive’s” new home, Buttress said: “It just seemed such a perfect fit with the whole history of Kew. To me it really feels like it’s kind of come home, it feels like it’s always been here.”

Read more: http://www.cnn.com/2016/06/20/arts/the-hive-wolfgang-buttress/index.html

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