Tattoo Artist Creates Delicate, Feminine Designs With Cross-Stitched Tattoos

Tattooing might seem like a modern trend, but it’s actually an ancient tradition found all around the world, with each culture developing itsown unique and beautiful designs and symbols.

While it used to be that tattoos only came in the color of whatever pigment was around, usually blacks, grays, and blues, today, scientific advancement has made tattooing brighter and bolder with all kinds of beautiful colors.

But the colors and the tools aren’t all that have changed. While plenty of people still love the traditional styles, more and more artists are branching out into more experimental, artsy styles that are just as striking and gorgeous. One tattoo artist uses real leaves and flowers as the stencils for her work, so no two designs are ever the same.

Turkish tattoo artist Eva Krbdkis also exploring new ways to tattoo. While she works in a variety of styles, she’s well known for her “cross-stitch” style, which sees a design created with tiny, differently colored X’s.

The result is a tattoo that looks like a cross-stitch sampler, complete with all the cute and homey charm. Check them out below, and let us know if you would get one!

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Unlike a “traditional” tattoo thatuses lines and contours to form a shape on the skin, the work of Eva Krbdk, from Turkey, uses tiny X shapes to createa tattoo.

The result? A charming cross-stitch effect, just like the samplers of yesteryear!

They can be very simple, like this little heart.

Or much more complex, like this rose or this rainbow pineapple.

Krbdk also sometimes combines the “cross-stitch” style with a more traditional style usinglines and shading.

But the end result always has a light, airy, and delicate feeling.

Here, you can see anotherof Krbdk’s styles, which is very line based.

It’s pretty amazing that one artist can work in so many styles!

Of course, each cross-stitch tattoo will look different depending on the colors she uses.

This rooster is much bolder than the more pastel roses.

And even though this style of tattoo limits the shape to a grid, Krbdk has no trouble creating cute, rounded images like this panda.

And they’re not all traditionally girly, either. Check out this Star Wars stormtrooper.

Even the white areas are filled in with the X’s.

And although they are nothing but carefully arranged and colored X shapes, they come together to form a solid-looking image from a distance, kind of like a pointillist painting!

You can see more of Krbdk’s tattoos, which include many other styles and subjects, on her Instagram account.

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