Summery Recycled Pallet Garden

Is there any better feeling then creatively recycling something that could have just as easily become trash?

This is usually the case for pallets, which a great for moving heavy loads but are usuallydisposed afterwords.

Though they frequently lay abandoned on back alleys and sidewalks, these pallets offer a dizzying array of DIY possibilities.

Since they are already structurally stable and create an effortless artisanal aesthetic, they make beautiful coffee tables, shelfs and even entire houses!

In celebration of the beautiful springy weather,Fern Richardsonof Life On The Balconyrepurposed a pallet into an exquisite vertical garden.

The garden was also expertly executed by Stephanie ofthe local spoon.

This garden cleverly holds succulents, or any other desired flora in its slats, allowing it to be mounted, hung or leaned wherever desired.

What’s more is that the project involves recycling so it offers twice the good vibes of a traditional planted plot.

Check out the surprisingly simple process of making one of these beautiful gardens below.

[H/T: Design Sponge]


Stephanie began with a pallet that can easily be bought or purchased.

Nailing a back support since her pallet didn’t have one, she then stapled on landscaping fabric so that the plants and soil could be properly insulated.

The fabric should be covering one of its openings so the soil doesn’t fall through.

Lay the pallet flat and begin filling with the potting soil, pushing it in between the slats.

Fill the openings with your desired plant life.

Make sure to add and pack more soil in tightly so that they down shift or fall out.

Water the completed garden and keep it horizontal for one to two weeks while the plants take root.

Then simply hang or lean your garden vertically and enjoy watching the leaves grow, slowing cascading down the pallet.

This project is beautiful, seasonal and allows you to experience theawesome transformative magic of DIT gardening.

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