Someone Challenged Me To Make A Pugloaf. Challenge Accepted

Never before have carbs been more adorable, but shush, don’t tell Cat loaf, she may get jealous.

Someone saw Catloaf on Bored Panda last week and commented “You should make a Pugloaf.” Well what is a baker going to do with such a challenge? Off to the kitchen I went to set about producing the carby canine. I knew the most challenging part of the bake would be sculpting Pugloaf’s expression. Luckily the dough perfectly lent itself to his wrinkly puggie frown.

After half an hour of “Pug proving” I popped him in the oven and baked him slowly. 45 minutes later out he came, slightly golden and I swear his little tail wiggled. When cool I took some edible dusts to paint his ears, snout and gorgeous puppy pug eyes. He was then promptly devoured with lashings of salted butter. Delicious!

Pugloaf, your faithful carby canine

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