Single Dad Doesnt Mind When His Little Girl Polishes His Nails!

Nathan is a single father, and he admits that when he’s out andabout, he gets some pretty strong looks from strangers. People look at his fingernails and make some offensive snap judgments. That’s because quite often, Nathan’s fingernails are polished. The father isn’t trying to make a fashion statement, so much as he is trying to raise his daughter to be the best version of herself.

Sadie has been polishingher daddy’s fingernails since she was 2 years old. Now she’s 6, and she looks forward to their special bonding manicures. Nathan doesn’t want Sadie to grow up believing that one thing is for boys and another is for girls. He wants her to see that the world has endless possibilities. If she likes the color blue, it doesn’t matter that some people think blue is only for boys. If she likes sports or mechanics, or any of the number of things we say girls can’t do, then he wants her to know she can do them.

Teaching that lesson all starts with Nathan showing Sadie that he is perfectly OK with doing things that are associated with girls. That includes polishinghis nails yellow and red, even if it means strangers giving him dirty looks!


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