Progress: Bertolli Is Finally Recognizing Palestine On Its Homepages Choose Your Country Drop-Down

Get ready for something powerful enough to make the world take notice.

For a century and a half, Bertolli has been making olive oil, but this week, it made history. As of Monday, visitors to Bertollis website are at last able to select Palestine from its Choose Your Country drop-down menu.

Other companies, pay attention: This is what progress looks like.

While Palestines status as a sovereign nation remains hotly contested within the international community, with this one simple gesture, Bertolli has shown everyone that its not afraid to take a stand on Palestines behalf. And as Palestinians continue to struggle for their independence, acts like these send the message that their fight is not in vain.

Visitors clicking through with Palestine selected are able to browse Bertolli sauces and Mediterranean-style frozen dinners, discover easy recipes, and learn about the companys long history of top-quality goods, all in Palestinian Arabic.

While Bertolli hasnt made any fanfare about the change, it definitely hasnt gone overlooked:

Its hard to say whether this will change any minds about Palestines ongoing struggle for independence, but one thing is clear: The people of Palestine have a friend in Bertolli.

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