Overwhelmed Mom Turns Home Into Trash Heap, Then Stranger Helps Her Transform It

Natalee, a mother of three, was diagnosed with diabetes. The illness would eventually cause her to become about 30 pounds overweight. The emotional hardship connected to her condition triggered a new problem: hoarding.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, hoarding is “the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value. The behavior usually has deleterious effects emotional, physical, social, financial, and even legal for a hoarder and family members.”

Natalee went from a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo to a single studio with her kids. The kitchen, bathroom, and living room have become “storage” filled with belongings and trash.

Unable to cook because she can’t reach the burners in her kitchen, Natalee has started unhealthy eating habits, only eating fast food. The mother hopes to get the clutter to a manageable level so that she can get back to her life again.

That’s why The Doctorsprovided Natalee with organizing expert Dorothy Breininger. Dorothy came with a crew to help Natalee sort through the massive hoard of items. Finally, Natalee was able to sit down in her kitchen for the first time in years.

“This day has been an emotional roller coaster for me; there were times I cried,” Natalee said.

Natalee can’t even recognize her home after the transformation. In just a few weeks, she began to drop the pounds. She no longer feels compelled to emotionally eat in response to the overwhelming clutter around her home.

See the stunning transformation in the video below.

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