Old Marble Slab Becomes Stunning Entryway Table

Many view marble stone as elegant and timeless, yet annoyingly temperamental.

Marble is porous, meaning that it quickly absorbs liquids left too long on its surface. Gorgeous to look at, but easily stained, marble can be a tricky materialto keep looking clean and fresh.

Recently, Imgur DIY-er3MartiniLunchstumbled upon a completely disheveled marble slab, ravaged by the elements. Most would have deemed the slab totallyunsalvageable.

However, this DIY-er took one look at theold stoneand saw endless possibility. Ignoringmarble’s hard-to-clean stigma, theygot to work rescuing this forgotten slab from disrepair.

Oftentimes, the most weathered materials spawn the most remarkable upcycling successes.

After a few rounds of diligent washing, sanding, and whitening, this DIY-er brought a seemingly hopelessmarble slab back to life and transformed it into a beautifulentryway table.

Scroll through below to seehow this DIY-er revived aforgotten marble slab and used it to build an exquisite statement piece for their home.


When Imgur DIY-er3MartiniLunchwas out exploring their garden, a dirty, worn marble slab caught their eye.


They decided this marble slab had been ignored for far too long.

This DIY-er thoroughly cleaned, water sanded, and whitened the slab slowly but surely restoring it to its former glory.

Cleaning and restoring stone as temperamental as marble can be tricky, but is certainly possible.

Design Sponge recommends treating dirty marble like this first with a water and hydrogen peroxide solution, which removes caked-on grime.


For particularly stubborn stains, applying a poultice, which reabsorbs set-in discoloration, can prove quite useful.

Concocting a sturdy poultice can be as simple as mixing a bit of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and ammonia together into a paste.

Then, all you have to do is smear the paste on your stained surface, and sit back for 24 hours while it works its magic.


Once this DIY-er restored their found marble slab, they mounted it ona set of hairpin legs.

Suddenly, this stone slab transformed into a classic yet contemporary entryway table.


Leaving the marble slabs edges raw hearkened back to its historyin the garden, and preservedthe beautiful piece of furniture’srustic charm.


Featuring thisadorable decor, the entryway table now makes an elegant first impression, greeting guests with class and beauty.

This DIY-er found an old, forgotten marble slab, put their upcyclingexpertise to work, and createda chic, praiseworthy entryway statement piece.

What do you think about this marble entryway table? Have you ever restored marble? Tell us about your project in the comments.

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