Old Crib Becomes Adorable Fourth Of July Wall Hanging

Tracy Schmiesing McVety and her husband were cleaning out their shed one day to make more room for their chickens. While rummaging around, they came across an old set of crib springs, still in their frame, but of no use to the couple.

Initially, Tracy had decided to simply dump the crib springs in the scrap heap, but the next morning, inspiration struck.

“Luckily, that scrap pile has been sitting in the barn for the past five years, and probably will be sitting there for the next five years,” she joked.

Seeing the lattice-like arrangement of the springs reminded Tracy of weaving. Soon, she was creating a piece of decoration perfect for a Fourth of July cookout, but also arustic, shabby, chic art piece that could be appreciated any time of year.

The theme? The American flag!

The U.S. flag has inspired countless DIY projects and crafts,like this handmade wooden coffee table with a flag design stained into the wood, and they’re always so charming.

Take a look at how some rusty, old crib springs became a lovely (and very simply made) piece of decor, and see if it inspires you to create some patriotic art of your own!

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This was the set of springs Tracy Schmiesing McVety pulled out of her shed one day while cleaning. It’s not much to look at, so she was originally going to toss it in the scrap pile.

But then, inspiration struck.

Starting with some burlap ribbon, Tracy used the springs as something like a loom, weaving the ribbon back and forth. This ribbon was quite wide and she had to trim it to size, but that was easy.

When the blue section was complete, she folded it back and prepared to work on the stripes.

Tracy would hot glue everything into place, but decided to wait until all the weaving was complete just in case she needed to adjust anything.

Onto the stripes.

She used an off-white and a red burlap ribbon to keep the rustic, vintage look.

Like the blue ribbon, she needed to make some minor adjustments.

Where the blue ribbon was too wide, the red and white ribbons had a large, open weave that made them look sparse, so Tracy doubled them up.

Once everything was in place, it was time for the glue.

Once glued, all the loose ends were tucked away, creating a clean rectangle.

As an added bonus, the arrangement of the springs made it so that the flag would be perfectly centered in the frame.

Tracy plans to put her upcycled flag panel outside, which means she’ll have to spray-seal it to protect it from the elements.

Are you looking for a flag DIY but don’t have a crib spring on hand? That’s ok!

Check out some of the other American flag DIY projects from around the internet and get inspired for the Fourth!

A flag project doesn’t have to be perfectly flag-shaped. This painted shutter gets the basics of the U.S. flag in a clever, minimalist way.

Personalize your patriotism with an initial. You can stick with one letter, spell out a name, or spell out a word!

This shadow box is a delicate take on the flag with the stars and stripes created with stacked paper roses.

A reclaimed pallet is perfect for some rustic outdoor art and even comes with pre-made stripes!

This beautiful wall hanging is made from red and white ribbons, lace, and a blue panel. It has a gorgeous, vintage, and feminine feel to it, and also looks great in a breeze!

And if you like to sew, fabric scraps and old white buttons also make for a sweet throw pillow.

And if youreally like to sew, you can also make a gorgeous American flag patchwork quilt.

If you’re looking for something easier, though, these mounted and painted paint stirrers are just as adorable.

Of course, you don’t have to stick with rectangles. Some painted clothespins, cutout stars, and a wreath frame makes a perfect summery wreath.

And of course, all the best DIYs are edible, like these white chocolate-dipped pretzels with a patriotic twist.

Tracy’s crib spring flag, as well as the other projects you see here, are some great inspirations for this Fourth of July or any time you feel like showing the U.S. a little love.

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