Nurse Swaps Her Newborn, Now Mom Is Convinced She Raised The Wrong Baby

Over two decades ago, Pam and Laura were hospital roommates. Both mothers had just given birth to sweet little baby girls. The two women became fast friends, telling stories and chatting during their time together.

One night, Pam went to the bathroom. While Laura remained in the room, a nurse came in holding a baby. The nurse told Laura it was time breastfeed her daughter. When Laura looked at the newborn, she didn’t recognize her. The nurse insisted it was hers, so Laura breastfed the baby girl.

Pam returned from the bathroom, looked at the newborn in Laura’s arms, and knew itwas her daughter. The nurses quickly admitted they had given Pam’s daughter to Laura. Pam didn’t mind that her child was breastfed by Laura, but she did mind the nurse’s lack of attention.

For the rest of their lives, Pam and Laura weren’t sure if their daughters were switched at birth because of the mistake. What’s worse is that Laura’s daughter, Lindsey, doesn’t look like any of her family members.

After decades of waiting, the two families contactedThe Doctorsto find out the truth once and for all.

In the clip below, Pam’s daughter, Kirstie, believes she’s been with the right family. Lindsey is a little less convinced.

However, both families admit that if the results show they were switched at birth, they would simply be more like one big family.

Finally the results comein and they arequite a surprise to Lindsey. There was no switch. The daughters have beenexactly where they belong. See this bizarre story below.

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