Moms 2 Kids Rip Open Box To Reveal Babys Gender, Then Mickey And Minnie Completely Lose It

Gender reveals always yield some kind of outrageous reaction. This Disney-themed reveal did just that, only this time the best reactions came from a pair of familiar mice.

This proud mom and her two children also gathered around a wrapped cardboard box that sat in the middle of a table.

After being told to make their way to the inside, her young daughter and son plucked the yellow bows from the top and began to tear the wrapping paper from the cube that held their future sibling’s gender.

Fortunately, the children had a pair of cheerleaders behind them during this important moment Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The Disney characters jumped up and down as they waited, unable to contain their excitement for the gender reveal in front of them. The entire restaurant was staring, curious to see what was inside the box as well.

The brother and sister quickly unwrapped the cardboard box.

Their mom stepped in and opened the top flaps and told her kids to reach inside to find out what gender her baby was going to be.

The children lifted a few pieces of red tissue paper and unveiled a Minnie Mouse doll, which meant the baby was a girl.

Instantly, the siblings smiled and cheered. However, their reactions were not the biggest in the room.

Watch below to see the video posted on January 19, 2017. You’ll love Mickey and Minnie’s reactions to the clever gender reveal!

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