Mom Thought Her Daughter Needed Cosmetic Surgery, Then Blood Work Reveals She Has Cancer

When 16-year-old Raquel went to the doctor for what she thought was a swollen gland, and what her mother thought was a cosmetic problem from the sun, her earth was shattered into a million pieces.

She was diagnosed with Pre-B acute lymphoblastic leukemia. She began treatment immediately at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital and just four months later, thankfully, she was told that the chemotherapy was working.

As of April of 2016, Raquel went into remissionand is undergoing the rest of her treatment plan which will last two and a half years.

Which is the perfect example of how even though she’s in remission, she’s still a cancer patient and she’s always going to be part of the cancer community.

Losing her hair was one of the hardest things for her, and even though now it’s growing back, she knew that there were so many other people out there and children, who were struggling with their newly bald, but beautiful, heads.

So, she started the Bald is Beautiful Project. Raising money on GoFundMe, and providing bald American Girl Dolls to little girls with cancer, so they could feel beautiful and happy about themselves.

Miami Children’s Health Foundation named her the 5k Hero for all of her efforts, and contagious happiness.

She definitely deserves that title. So today, she’s here to help you get informed, and share her strong journey through cancer. Although Raquel learned to see the silver lining and keep her positivity, she’s first to admit it was not always easy.

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