Mom Snaps Cute Selfie With Her Toddler Then Reveals She Is Actually Mid-Poop

Being a mom is tough work, notwo ways about it.

Every waking hour, atleastfor the first 10 years, is consumed with feeding, cleaning, entertaining, and otherwise caring for one or more small people it’s no picnic.

Of course, almost every mom will tell you that the highs of motherhood more than make up for the lows. Still, I think that we all have episodes in parenting that we’d be happy to avoid reliving.

For every blissed out moment of snuggling with your kiddos on a snowy Saturday morning, there is, after all, the chastening memory of a swim diaper exploding dramatically in a public pool that’s just parenting.

One mom knows the unglamorous truth behind mommyhood all too well, and she faces it head on with plenty of humor!

Her name is Sophie Cachia, and she’s the mom behind the popular parenting blogThe Young Mummy.

She’s an Australian mom of one, with a second child on the way any day now. She has a unique appreciation for the challenges that parents face like when your toddler catches you on the toilet.

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When Sophie Cachia, better known as ‘The Young Mummy,” posted a picture to Facebook a couple of weeks back, it looked like a totally adorable mom-and-baby selfie.

However, she revealed the gross (and hilarious) true story behind the picture in the caption.

Moms everywhere cheered her blunt honesty about the grossness of mommyhood, and the post garnered nearly 9,000 reactions and almost 1,000 comments from fellow parents!

Parents everywhere simplyhad to empathize with the picture after they read what Cachia wrote alongside the sweet photo:

To the naked eye, this looks like your standard cute photo of Bobby & I.

This photo was in fact captured whilst I was taking a poo. Just thought I’d let you all know.

Especially for all those planning on having children soon.

This. Is. Your. Life. Goodnight.

If you have kids or just know any kid, ever you know that they havezerograsp of the concept of “personal space.”

Kids want to know about everything, and they will follow you everywhere, even when you would particularly like some quiet time.

This includes late at night when you’re sleeping, in the shower, and yes, on the toilet, pooping.

The good news is, kids eventually grow out of it, unlike cats and dogs, who seem to have a similar obsession with following their “parents” absolutely everywhere.

Honestly, it’s really just the minor downside of one of the most lovely parts of parenthood: the unconditional love your child has for you.

When your kid crawls into your lap to tell you “I love you,” it’s charming unless it’s while you are trying to go to the bathroom.

Of course, the average mom usually has the same response to the total lack of personal space and privacy: “Whatever.”

Sure, that first bathroom visit was probably a bit alarming. But look, moms are tough they won’t get squeamish about going to the bathroom in front of their own kid.

At some point, parents just accept that their bathroom time may not be their own for the next 18 months or so.

Honestly, moms deal with so much more grossness on a daily basis, an unwelcome visitor in the bathroom is unlikely to faze them.

In Cachia’s case, her little one, Bobby, is still less than a year old.

In other words, he’s basically in prime time for resolutely ignoring boundaries he just wants as much mom time as he can possibly get.

Frankly, pooping in front of your toddler is a lot less gross than changing a nightmare diaper or attempting to clean stuck-on boogers out of your toddler’s hair.

Besides, little Bobby is only going to be an “only” for a little while longer. Cachiawill cherish every last one of those precious snuggles once she has two kiddos!

And for baby Bobby, having a little extra time with Mom is an extra-special gift before his baby brother or sister arrives even if she is trying to tend to other needs for a minute.

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