Mom Doesnt Know Shes Pregnant, Then Her Baby Gets Stuck In The Toilet

CarolAnn Bauerle and her husband, Devin did not expect to be making a harrowing 911 to the Jackson Police Department for help.

CarolAnnhad no idea she was pregnant, then found herself spontaneously giving birth over the toilet. What was more shocking was the baby became stuck in the toilet. Devin called 911 where a dispatcher calmly walked the couple through the troubling situation.

“I don’t think there are words to explain what was going through my mind, said CarolAnn. “I didn’t really believe it actually did happen.”

After a six-minute phone call, Devin was finally able to retrieve the baby from the toilet and the sound of crying was a welcome relief. The baby was breathing.

“I gained 10 pounds, that was it,” she said. “I didn’t have any mood swings, I didn’t have morning sickness, I didn’t have weird appetites, and I didn’t crave anything.”

CarolAnne was in the bathroom for five hours in pain before she delivered her baby girl. What’s more bizarre is that CarolAnne had been seeing specialists for months because she thought she had a heart problem. A pregnancy test even came back negative. No one knew she was pregnant.

To honor the emergency responder, Jennifer Faith Gerke, who made sure their baby was OK, the couple named their little one Jordan Faith.

“It’s one of those incidents that you’re never going to forget any time soon,” Gerke said.

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