Man Proposes To Girlfriend, But She Wont Marry Him Until He Loses Weight

Lizzie Elsburg and Chris Glasgow may look like an “opposites attract” kind of couple, but they have more in common than what meets the eye. That will become all the more clear when you hear about how the couple met: at an eating disorder clinic.

Lizzie has anorexia, while Chris is an overeater. The couple met at a clinic when they were both trying to get healthy and fell in love. They believe they deal with the same emotional issues with food, the only difference is Lizzie doesn’t eat enough, while Chris consumes too much.

“At first I was a bit afraid of Chris. I couldn’t understand how anyone could let themselves get to that size,” Lizzie said in a 2013 interview. “But after a while I got to know the person inside. I was able to see past his body issues, because I have body issues too.”

Chris was shocked that a girl like Lizzie would ever go out with him.

“I didn’t think any girl would ever find me attractive, let alone one as beautiful as Lizzie. There’s no way I would ever hit on a girl like her in the past because I would have thought she’d just laugh at me,” Chris says.

The couple’s bond grew stronger when they both realized they were determined to beat their eating disorders. When Chris proposed, Lizzie was so excited she didn’t even let him finish asking the question. But Lizzie’s hand in marriage came with stipulations. Chris has to lose the weight.

“If he doesn’t lose the weight, then I won’t marry him,” she revealed.

Chris has already lost 70 pounds. But just as Chris has to lose weight, Lizzie has to gain weight. The couple have already begun planning their wedding, and will continue to work on their issues together.

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