Make Your Summer Seriously Awesome With These 20 Backyard Upgrades

It’s a scientific fact that no one wants to have the crappy backyard when summer rolls around.

Trust me. It’s true. Even if you’re not big on entertaining, throwing a backyard barbecue is never a bad time, and there’s nothing quite like plopping down with a good book in your outdoor oasis after a long day at work.

That being said, complete overhauls a la HGTV are usually too expensive and too time consuming for most people to bother with. If you have a little wiggle room for some simple backyard upgrades, however, here’s a bit of inspiration to get you started!

1. Add some flare to your patio with latex paint.

2. Put your flowers on display in the cutest way possible by turning lightbulbs into hanging vases.

3. Guide the way with rope lights.

4. Help the kids add character to your space by installing a chalkboard on the fence!

5. Build a natural hideaway.

6. Bring the beach to you!

7. Repurpose an old chandelier by turning it into an elegant bird feeder.

8. Add interest to your yard and master low-maintenance gardening with an adorable wagon garden.

9. Create stepping stones out of leaves and concrete.

10. Install coolers in your patio table.


11. Galvanized tubs + tall grass = sweet, sweet privacy.

12. Host a movie night and wow your guests with this DIY outdoor movie screen.

13. Take in all the backyard bliss by building your own pergola and chillin’ on a hammock.

14. Add ambiance with these DIY light poles.

15. Maximize seating space with a curved fire pit bench.

16. Three words: pallet swing bed.

17. Impress just about everyone who comes over by making a glass waterfall.

18. Cover that ugly air conditioner.

19. Make your own outdoor entertaining space in under two weeks!

20. Turn an old door into an outdoor bar station.

If you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a pallet swing bed. Happy summer, friends!

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