Loving Dog Owner Creates A Beautiful Dog Bed All By Hand

Sometimes, it seems like our pets will sleep anywhere.

While it may appear thatdogs prefer sleeping on the floor just as much as a soft luxurious cushion, we choose to believe that they feel particularly pampered when they get to sleep in their own cozy beds like this little dog’s princess pallet.

One creative Instructables crafter decided to test this by building the newest member of their family, Chase, his own handmade dog bed to help him settle into his new home.

Using his expert carpentry skills, he created a cozy blue crate complete with a giant snuggly cushion. He evenpersonalized it usinga bone-shaped embellishment with Chase’s name on it.

With all the care and creativity that went into making it, we’re sure that Chase is sleeping soundly in his amazing little bunk.

Check out his process of making Chase his blue dog bed below.

[H/T: Instructables]


First, he started by cutting out the boards to the appropriate sizes.

He cut four corner posts to 7 1/2″ long, front and rear pieces to 23 1/2″ long, and 17 ” long side pieces.

Next, he drilled three pocket holes on each end of sides of the box.

He then used pocket hole screws and wood glue to adhere the sides of the box.

He then measured and cut four pieces to support a plywood base, then cut/inserted the base into the box. Hecovered the screw holes with trim and wood filler.

He crafted the dog bone by cutting the shape out of wood.

He spray-painted it white and used carbon paper, permanent marker, and spray lacquer to make the name.

He painted the bed using blue and gray milk paint and finished it with lacquer.

He then added a soft cushion inside the frame.

All that was left to do was add a happy Chase to the bed!

The project was a bit ambitious, but judging from the look on the cuddly dogs face, it was worth the effort.

If you love doggie DIYs, make sure to SHARE this project with friends and family on Facebook!

If you love doggie DIYs, make sure toSHAREthis project with friends and family on Facebook!

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