Khlo Kardashian Wants YOU To Pay On The First Date!

Although Khlo Kardashian is dating Tristan Thompson, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance with the gorgeous reality TV vixen!

Recently, the KUWTK star posted a blog entry on her website where she reveals her dating do’s and don’ts!

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According to the tall diva:

“I’m old-fashioned in a lot of ways! I don’t think there’s necessarily a right or wrong way when it comes to dating but I definitely have certain preferences.”

When it comes to the date, KoKo wants you to wine-and-dine the shit out of her!

“Definitely into dinner the first time I hang out with a guy! Coffee is too casual.”

But when you’re asking Khlo out, should you call or text??

“It depends! I’m OK with being asked out over text message. Once we’re into the relationship, we need to call each other and talk on the phone, though. I’m big on setting the tone with relationships. Sometimes, when I’m first talking to a guy, we both get shy, which makes it easier to text. I like to show people how to treat me, so after we get the ball rolling, I’ll start calling more to make it known that’s what I want. I think you have to teach people how to treat you at first by doing and saying the things you want them to do and say in return. You can’t just expect someone to know what the fuck to dono one’s a mind reader! I don’t want anyone to make me guess, either. If you like apple pie and I keep making you carrot cake, tell me you like fucking apple pie!”

Other than that, Miz Kardashian wants you to pick her up, and is “fine” texting first after the date. But who picks up the check??


“Guy pays! You do you, honey, but I personally think the guy should pay on a first date. Later on, it’s OK for the girl to offer but I’m not setting that precedent for the rest of the relationship.”

Open up your wallet, fellas! Khlo doesn’t want no scrubs!

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