It Looks Like A Stone Fireplace At First But A Closer Look Reveals Something Awesome

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve grown weary of pallet DIYs, but what this guy created above his fireplace demands a serious round of applause.

In the world of DIY, pallets have become a calling card of hipsters. That said, they provide a cost-effective way to build everything from hardwood floors to furniture to decks! All you need is the wood, a nail gun, and in this anonymous guy’s case, a whole lot of creativity.

At first glance, this appears to be an intricate stone wall, but nope! It’s 100 percent old, discarded pallets.

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Inspiration struck just before Christmas. A quick photoshop proved that it was a job worth taking on.


On a cold, snowy day, he collected the pallets from a friend who owns a landscaping business. The material was free, but it would take some serious elbow grease to make the wall a reality.

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