If Youve Procrastinated About Christmas Shopping Until The Last Second, You Might Be Able To Save Yourself At Walgreens

Its the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirringexcept you who totally didnt realize this was an extended family Christmas. Now, you need five more gifts in about as many hours. Dont sweat it! Here are five gift ideas that wont break the bank but will convince everyone theyve been on your shopping list for weeks.

1. For the new baby

When your mom mentioned your cousin Cindy was showing up you totally forgot she had had a baby. Now, between trying not to slam your shins on the playpen and avoiding Cindy telling you about how her baby definitely spoke Russian the other day, youve got to come up with a gift. The baby will like it, because it makes noise, and Cindy will like it because she will think you believe her child is going to be first chair in an orchestra someday.

2. For the uncle that runs a small plot soybean farm

Uncle Randys nice, just- eccentric. No one can send him out to buy anything for holiday dinners anymore after the Thanksgiving he brought a live turkey into the house. (The year before he offered to bake bread, without mentioning it was going to take two weeks to make). Now, faced with the options at Walgreens youre going to need to find something without chemicals or synthetic color. Youre in luck, this soap is pretty much non-everything except being good. Finally, a gift that wont result in a lecture.

3. For the aunt who definitely bought all her gifts off QVC

Well you know youre getting a birthstone necklace for Christmas, but why not give her a gift shell actually appreciate? Clapper lights both seem like theyre more expensive than they really are and they have a certain level of weirdness your aunt is sure to appreciate.

4. For the sibling who hasnt consumed anything but protein powder at every meal

Youre brother got kind of into fitness when he was a college sophomore. Then, his senior year, he got really into fitness. At this point his folk heroes begin and end with the WWE. Give him the gift of more ways to work out, and maybe a forced smile when you unwrap the shake mixer bottle he bought you.

5. For the younger cousin who hasnt looked up from Snapchat yet (its been three days)

Your cousin may not have spoken to a single person existing around them in the physical realm so far, but it doesnt have to stay that way. Yes, playing cards might look less expensive than some of the other gifts, but you are going to offer to show them how to play that family card game every family seems to have. And, when all your other relatives get involved, and youre all laughing and joking around three tables you shoved together to fit everyone youll realize you brought the Christmas spirit, the most important gift on any wish list or gift guide.

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