If Paris Hilton Can Survive Burning Man, Anyone Can

Burning Man mayseem intimidating: the lack of emphasis on consumerism, the scorching desert heat, the recycling.

Still, if Paris Hilton can survive it, you can.

Paris isnt worried about wasting away in the Black Rock Desert, despite the fact Burning Mans survival guidewarnsit is trying its best to kill you.

Paris chief concern is actually her braids.

So boho chic, girl! LOL, but for real, you need to respect the very real threat that is Mother Nature! Hehe!

The 35-year-olds Medusa braids, crafted by her boy Chris Dylan, are all she needs to make it a full week at a sprawling Nevada bonfire retreat.

Adorbs, mama! Haha, LOL, stay hydratedand dont get too drunk near fire!

Paris doesnt share your first-timer anxiety over seven days at Burning Man.

She doesnt need summer after summer full of festival experience to knowitll be magical.

If youre not going to be chill about this whole thing, get out now. The Paris Hilton caravan only has room for the coolest gd cucumbers this year.

~A Parisin the desert. A culture of Parisibility. A network of dreamers and Paris.~

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