A little bit of sanding, drilling, cutting, painting, glueing and voila

I just realised this could be a laptop table instead of a mini bar

“Time killer for adults”

Electric darts, USB clock vent, mini bar and QI wireless phone charger in green/red and rustic wood combination

QI wireless phone charger

I took vintage radio box to make a new bluetooth stereo system with subwoofer

Other steampunk themed details: vintage table clock, pressure indicator and various old book paper prints

Water valve switch turns on the light while plasma lamp gives an extra “lite” mood

Pallets can be found behind any warehouse, but those are often wet, dirty and hard to work with

It’s better to spend some pocket change for a clean one.

I’ve printed Roy Lichenstein’s “Girl with a hair ribbon” in 25 pieces and glued it with paper glue

Stereo system was made of used Kenwood 4-channel car amplifier, 500w woofer, tweeters, new bluetooth receiver and a PC power supply

Qi wireless phone charger implemented on the side and a sound activated LED hidden behind.

The final result

Almost all of the pallets I remade

My work desk