Husband Buys Rundown Bike For $30 And Turns It Into A Masterpiece For His Wife

When one man wanted to give his wife the perfect gift, he didn’t just run to the store and pick something out from the shelf. No sir, he made it all on his own, with his own time, creativity, and elbow grease.

Imgur user shirkaday really wanted for his wife to have a beautiful, functional bike so that they could ride together. However, everything that he was finding didn’t suit her. If the color was right, it didn’t have the proper specifications or accessories. If the specs were right, the color and style were all wrong.

Instead of shelling out piles of cash for someone else to build him a custom bike exactly as he wanted or giving his wife a less-than-perfect bike, he did what not many folks would do.

He decided to buildthe bike on his own!

He started scouring his sources for the best components to piece together all on his own. The end result really is a beautiful piece of art!

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