Hospital Tells Kids They Have A Special Visitor, Then They Hear Tiny Hooves Clicking Down The Hall

It was a typical day at Tampa General Hospital in Florida for a group of child patients. Then, a magical visit turned their day upside-down.

The hospital announced that the kids would meet a special visitor, but the kids weren’t sure who was supposed to come.

As seen in the video below, posted on March 9, 2017, an ethereal fairy boasting iridescent wings walks through the elevator doors. However, she isn’t alone.

By her side is a white unicorn with a long golden horn above his eyes. The fairy and her unicorn click down the hallway and approach a little girl in blue. The fairy tells the child, “Hi cutie, this is Billy!”

Next, she brings Billy to an excited young boy who can’t stop smiling while petting the unicorn on his nose.

The fairy asks him, “Do you see his horn? Can you touch the horn and make a wish? Your wish might come true!”

The wheelchair-bound boy is overcome with excitement and his smile grows even bigger.

The fairy and Billy the unicorn walk around to different kids in the hospital, letting each one make a wish on the golden horn.

All of these children have different ailments and issues that they deal with every day, but this simple visit from a unicorn made all of their problems go away for a little while. What more could you really ask for?

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