Her Beloved Wedding Dress Is Auctioned Off, Then A Box Shows Up With Her Dead Moms Name On It

Rosalynne Plum kept her beloved wedding dress in a storage unit. But after she fell on hard times and couldn’t afford the unit anymore, it was auctioned off. With the unit went everything in it, including her wedding dress.

The dress was not only special because she got married in it, but it also held many memories of her late mother, who passed away a few years agoand one year after her wedding.

Rosalynne and her mom went dress shopping together, which was an extra-special memory for the mother-daughter duo. Rosalynne’s mother was just 16 years old when her own mom died. which also had her mother’s name on it.

Even though Rosalynne’s friends told her to “get over it,” two weeks passed since the wedding dress went missing and she was still as heartbroken as ever.

The FOX news crew recently stopped by Rosalynne’s home in New Jersey to ask if she had received any leads, but by this point all hope was lost. During the interview, the reporter said she was having microphone issues and went to grab a new one.

However, this was all one very big lie.

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