Heartbroken Man Tracks Down Late Moms Stolen Guitar, But Learns Thief Already Pawned It

Daniel Massey found himself in a horrible situation. He came home one night and found that his housein Fort Worth, Texas, had been burglarized. But even more devastating than that was the fact that his most prized possession was missing.

A 1943 Gibson guitar. It had belonged to his late mom.

It wasn’t really the guitar that had so much meaning. It was who had played it, who owned it, Daniel said.

But Daniel wasn’t about to give up on the heirloom that meant so much to him andhis mom.

He contacted the authorities, and the Fort Worth police worked diligently to track down the guitar.

Eventually, they tracked it to a pawn shop, which had purchased the guitar, among other items stolen from his home.

Unfortunately, the guitar had already been bought by someone.

But it wasn’t the end. Detective Gerardo Gutierrez in particular was moved by how much the guitar meant to Daniel.

It was an acquaintance of the store owner. He bought the guitar and sold it on eBay later on. I was able to track the buyer in Ireland, said Detective Gutierrez.

In a stroke of good faith, the buyer, who had legally purchased it, quickly returned the guitar to Daniel after hearing the full story.

He went above and beyond to help me recover what belonged to us, Danielsaid.

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