He Needed To Store The Finer Things In Life, So He Built These Awesome Shelves

With a bookshelf full of my mother’s favorite cookbooks and cabinets full of her Tupperware containers, it’s a bit embarrassing to admit that there isn’t much room in my kitchen for the more important things…like a little booze action. We tend to keep our selection of fine-ish wines sitting atop the fridge.

While in a similar boat, Redditor Palletize chose to be proactive and created these awesome liquor shelves using miniature pallets. I hope he doesn’t mind that I’m stealing this idea and trying these out in my own home!

Using a reciprocating saw, he dismantled larger pallets to create multiple shelves at once.

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He assembled the shelves using the original nails and nail holes from the pallets for a more rustic look.

What’s better than one alcohol shelf? SIX!

Our builder added some wooden wine glass holders to the bottoms of the shelves for maximum storage.

Reddit / Palletize

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He used a walnut stain to bring out the grain.

Running out of walnut, he finished the remaining shelves with red chestnut.

What good are liquor shelves without liquor bottles to put on display?

He added wine glasses and champagne flutes for a finishing touch.

Don’t they make this space look amazing?

Who’s ready to get their drink on…err….I mean, help me build a set of these bad boys?

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