He Built This Awesome Tree House With A Canopy Roof For His Kids

Growing up, I wanted to enjoy all the perks of being an adult without having to pay bills or work a nine-to-five job.

More than anything else, I couldn’t wait to have my own house, even if it was just of the tree variety in the backyard. Unfortunately for me, neither of my parents had any sort of crafting or construction abilities, so here in my mid-twenties, I’m still waiting on that tree house.

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But not everyone is as unlucky as I am. Take Redditor cfinke‘s kids, for example. After moving to a new house, the first thing his kids asked for was a backyard tree house, and that’s exactly what he made. Check out his epic build — and learn how you too can spoil your kids.

Before agreeing to build the tree house, he asked his kids to draw up some designs for the project.

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Their backyard was big, which meant they had plenty of trees to choose from — this was the one they landed on, though.

After purchasing materials, he began working on the first beam. He made sure to include some room for the nuts to sway with the tree.

After drilling some big holes in the tree, cfinke installed the first beam.

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In one weekend, he was able to get the subfloor in place.

Reddit / cfinke

Next, he added deck pieces to the subflooring, making sure to give the tree trunks room to grow.

A V-shaped support beam allowed him to begin work on the railing.

Cfinke wanted to space to be safe for his kids. With the railing in place, he built a ladder so they could begin exploring their tree house!

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All that was missing was a roof. Instead of a permanent option, cfinke went with a canopy that could be adjusted as needed.

Check out this awesome before-and-after shot. It’s hard to believe that the entire project took only a month’s worth of weekends.

My bags are packed and I’m ready to move in!

Jealousy doesn’t even begin to explain the feelings I’m harboring right now. So while I sit here and pout, check out the full design project here.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/canopy-tree-house/

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