Handy Dad Shows Us How To Make A Pallet Playhouse

During the warmer months, every kid wants to enjoy their summer vacation by spending as much time outside as possible. Handy dad Marcus has two young children whocan’t get enough of the backyard. For just $50, a few slabs of pallet wood, and some elbow grease, Marcus was able to construct a stunning pallet playhouse that any kid would feel lucky to have. If you don’t have pallets, try making this cardboard playhouse.

This is a great alternative to those expensive plastic playhouses from toy stores. Once the kids get too old for them, they can easily be recycled, and they’re clearly much cheaper.

Marcus breaks down a few extra pallets to fill in the holes of the slats. These serve as the walls of the playhouse. He, of course, uses two remaining pallets as the floor. He easily connected the pieces with a hammer and nails. The project is simple, and although the video is a mere two minutes, Marcus admits it took him a couple of days to complete the project. It is definitely worth the time if you have a few pallets lying around. There isn’t a kid in the world who wouldn’t be eternally grateful to have their very own playhouse!


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