Groom Removes Brides Garter, But She Loses It When He Pulls A Lifelike Baby Out Of Her Dress

The tossing of the garter is a time-honored wedding tradition. It’s a long-held belief that whoever finds an article of the bride’s undergarments will havegood luck. But the garter toss you’re about to see takes things to a whole new level.

Katie and James had a lovely wedding in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. During the reception, James decided to surprise his new bride with a nontraditional garter toss filmed by Wisor Photography.

Let’s just say Katie had no idea what to expect when James entered the party wearing a head torch.

“He’s gonna get that garter off his wife,” the DJ announcedbefore cueing the theme song from Mission Impossible. It was the perfect choice for the groom’s comedic performance!

James proceeded to take a nosedive under Katie’s dress. Much to her surprise, he began fishing around for the elusive garter.

First, though, he pulled out a pair of oversized underwear… and a tampon… Yuck! Good thing Katie has a great sense of humor!

But the crowd really went wild when James dove in for more… and what he pulled out next just might be a sign of things to come for the happy couple. Good luck, perhaps?

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