Grandma Loses 50 Pounds, Then Looks Unrecognizable After Getting A Total Makeover On Live TV

At 50 years old, Lisa is a proud mom and grandma. She loves her family and running after her grandkids, so she decided to make the effort to lose a little bit of weight.

After a few months of hard work, she managed to shedover 50 lbs.

Now that the hard work is done, she wants a new look to go with her trim body, especially since shes seeing her in-laws at Christmas, the first time since her weight loss. So she turned to Rachael Ray and stylist Kylan Douglas for help.

Lisa is not shy when it comes to trying out new looks either. She knows that nothing is quite permanent, so shes ready for anything.

She told me backstage that shes had her hair all different types of colors and shes very open, Kylan says.

But she does request an active look since, as Rachael points out, she has to chase after her three grandkids who are between the ages of 5 and 9, so she doesnt exactly want a runway look.

And when Lisa walks back out after her makeover, she doesnt even look old enough to be a grandma.

Her hair is shiny and trimmed in a fantastic bob, and her black dress and heels show off her gorgeous new trim body.

And its not just Lisa who loves her new look her daughters do too. The first time they see her, they cant help but shed a few tears of happiness for their mom who has worked so hard to give herself this new look and healthy body.

I absolutely love it, thats not what I was expecting at all, one of her daughters says with tears in her eyes. I love the hair!

Lisa also cant believe her new look, but absolutely loves it.

Im surprised, I cant even believe its me, Lisa says. I actually looked in the mirror and I thought, Oh my God, I cant believe thats me.’ Its unbelievable.

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