Father And Daughter Gently Sway During Wedding Slow Dance, Then The Music Suddenly Switches

One of the sweetest moments during any wedding has to be thefatherdaughter dance. This is when the bride and her father make their way to the dance floorand share a special slow dance in front of friends and family.

When Lauren Crane took the floor with her father on her wedding day, her dance turned into a performance that none of her guests were expecting.

Lauren’s fatherdaughter dance with her dad, Trent Owens, began like a dream. The two of them swayed back and forth, hand in hand, while the Temptations’ “My Girl” flowed throughout the venue. They smiled at each other while moving together on the floor, relishing in their sweet moment together.

As heartwarming as themoment was, it was alsoshort-lived. When thesong cut out and a different one played, their steady dance came to a screeching halt but only for a second.

Lauren and Trent had planned for a sudden a change in the music and a well-choreographed surprise dance to go along with it.

The dancing duo wowedthe entire crowd with a series of throwback performances. The audience just couldn’t hold in their applause.

To see Lauren and Trent’s exciting twist on the traditional fatherdaughter dance, see it for yourself in the video below, posted on February 2, 2017. It’s a must-see!

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