Family Loses Hope When Dog Runs Away. 6 Years Later, Stranger Posts His Photo On Facebook

When Cynthia Lucas and her familytook their dog, Blizzy, out to use the bathroom, they never thought he would vanish.

That was in 2011. For sixyears, the Lucas family had to deal with the disappearance of the sweet dog, and come to terms with it no easy task for any loving pet owner. They put up flyers and searched for him for as long as they could, but with no result.

But now, as if by miracle, they are together again after a stroke of fate, and a microchip, brought him back home.

A woman named Ginger Keenum found him dirty and covered inmatted fur aftershe almost ran over him on the road. He ran into a side lot, and she followed. To her surprise, he ran straight into her arms!

She posted a photo of the pup on Facebook, hoping his owners would come across it. But it was his microchip that revealed his family, as well as a way to contact them.

Cynthia and her family could barely believe their ears when they heard that their beloved Blizzy, gone for six whole years, was alive and well! They finally got to hold him, just when they thought they never would again.

His story serves as a reminder to all pet owners that it’s always a good idea to microchip your pets!

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