Easy Mascara Trick Boosts Length And Fullness Of Lashes!

Everyone has a different approach to makeup.

Some people love the look of a full face with a dramatic effect or two, and others favor the minimalist, barely there lifestyle.

Whatever your style, most people agree that, in a pinch, theres one simple touch that can help you carry off almost any look: a hint of mascara.

In fact, any additional attention to your lashes helps. Theres a time and a place for complicated contouring and long-lasting lipstick, but, when youre in a rush, nothing beats mascara!

Something about drawing attention to your eyes makes your face look brighter, your eyes bigger, and your whole expression more energetic.

Thats why we love any beauty hack that helps us get extra length and depth to our eye-makeup routine. Bonus points if it doesnt require lash curling, or the clumpy formulas of “thickening” mascaras.

Fortunately, theres one simple strategy that falls right into that sweet spot. By layering a little powder onto your lashes, you can brighten and emphasize your eyes in no time at all!

NYC-based makeup artist Anabelle LaGuardia is here to help. Check out the video below to see how she pulls off this simple trick!

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