Driftwood Transformed Into Funky Bedside Table

When one DIY-erfound himself in need of a new side table, but strapped for cash, he turned to his creative ingenuity for solutions.

A fan of quality design,Instructables userAchaemenides knew his new side table had to have aspecial look and feel. Disinterested in wandering the halls of his local IKEA, this DIY-er tooktohislocal beachin search ofsupplies.

He gathered up as much interesting driftwood as he could carry, looking for strangely warped, unique pieces, full of quirky curves and ridges. Back home, heenhanced thenatural beauty of his reclaimed driftwood by sanding down and waxing each piece exposing every gorgeousflaw.

He then cleverlyfigured out how to position each log in its rightful place, producing a one-of-a-kind side table that truly showcases Mother Natures grand design.

Scroll through below to seehow this DIY-er transformed a random pile of driftwood into a fantastic side table.


Instructables userAchaemenidesrecently needed a new side table.

He didn’t want to spend tons of money, but wanted a unique piece of furniture, true to his personal style.

In order to satisfy his aesthetic and financial constraints, this DIY-er decided he’d build a table himself, out of salvaged driftwood.

Before embarking on this project, hechecked with local authorities in his area to verify that he was, in fact, legally allowed to collect driftwood for personal use.

Cleared and ready to go, he set off on his driftwood-hunting quest.


Once on the beach, this DIY-er searched for driftwood that really spoke to him.

He wanted funky pieces, full of twists and curves.


He selecteda good variety of angled pieces to give the table an interesting level of dimension.


Next, this DIY-er hit each of these driftwood pieces with his sander to give the table a lovely finished appearance.

He also found that waxing every piece of driftwood really brought their uniquely natural distinctions to the forefront.


After thoroughly prepping each piece of wood, this DIY-er assembled hismasterpiece.

Since driftwood can typically be quite brittle, he carefully drilled pilot holes before settingeach screw in place, to minimize splitting.


Heapplied four coats of varnish to the tabletop’s reclaimed wood planks, tying the whole design together.

Just like that, he haddesigned a fully-functional side table, truly showcasing thenatural beauty of the driftwood.

Guided by his thriving creativity and crafty upcycling abilities, this DIY-er transformed normal pieces of beach driftwood into a breathtakingly beautifulbedside table.

What do you think of this side table project? Have you ever made furniture out of driftwood? Let us know in the comments.

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