Designer Makes Wedding Dress Out Of Recycled Paper

Dawnee Vang created this amazing video of designerKatelyn Dubose’s process. It’s always incredible when someone can use a material that we’re used to seeing one way and completely transform it into something else. In this case, Dubose used recycled paper and crumbled up pieces of paper to construct a stunning wedding gown. There isn’t a bride out there who wouldn’t be impressed by this beautiful dress, yet the entire thing is made of foil and used paper!

It’s amazing what you can achieve with a little planning, an imaginative idea, and of course… some glue.

Wedding dresses are always intended to be something memorable and special. Boy, do the department stores know this with their exorbitant pricing. The average price of a wedding dress is around $1,200, yet most brides will only wear their dress once in their entire lifetime. It’s no wonder Abbey Ramirez made her wedding dress out of doilies for just $70. Brides everywhere are looking for inexpensive alternatives to those off-the-rack prices and it is really paying off!

With a simple idea like this you can save money using cheap materials and create something that is truly one of a kind.

To see more from Dawnee Vang visit her on YouTube!


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