Dad Thinks Daughter Is Pranking Him In Motorcycle Shop, But Then She Breaks Down In His Arms

The perfect surprise only works when the person being surprised truly has no idea what is about to happen.

Of course, they can go a little overboard with the disbelief. For this dad, known in the video below as James, that’s exactly what happens.

The video begins with James’ wife recording him as he follows his daughter in a bike shop. His daughter is smiling mischievously as they lead him further into the shop, and it’s then that James begins to hear everyone talking about the big surprise.

Apparently, his daughter bought him a motorcycle.

Incredulous, James continues to walk around, shooting down everyone telling him that he is the proud owner of his own motorcycle.

“I’m serious!” says one of the salesmen.

“Yeah, I bet you are,” he says, even looking into the camera and laughing at one point.

Even when his name is announced over the loudspeaker and salesmen begin to applaud him, he is in disbelief.

It isn’t until one of the salesmen comes over with the paperwork for his new motorcycle that it begins tosettle in.

“Baby. You’re joking. You can’t be serious!” James exclaims. It’s then that his daughter comes to him and breaks down in his arms, unable to hide her emotions at what she has done for her beloved dad.

“I’m dead serious. They’ve been working on it for a week,” she tells him.

“It’s yours,” says one of the salesmen.

Finally, after embracing his daughter, James takes in his new motorcycle and christens the event with a ring of a celebratory bell.

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