Dad Struggles To Do 3-Year-Old Daughters Hair, But She Has The Perfect Response

It’s not always easy for dads to embrace all of the little details that come with having a daughter. While the fatherdaughter bond is unlike anything else in the world, there are some things that not even Dad can get the hang of.

And who can blame them? Most men have never had firsthand experience with hair bows and makeup until their little girl comes to them asking for some help.

I’ll never forget the time I asked my dad to put a braid in my hair before a server shift when I was in high school. I was rushing to do my makeup and figured he could save me the five minutes it would take to do it myself. Teamwork does make the dream work, after all. Well, after a few minutes of struggling, he finally admitted that tying hair into a braid was a bit more difficult than tying rope.

But, maybe if I’d given him a little encouragement he could’ve pulled it off.

That’s the route 3-year-old Linda Culpepper took when her dad, Derrick, attempted to do her hair before school one day.

Derrick admits that he’s not thebest at doing Linda’s hair, but if you ask me, he’s doing a fabulous job.

And Linda’s pep talk is absolutely perfect.

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