Dad Opens His Mouth To Sing Hallelujah At Daughters Wedding, But Different Words Come Out

Ah, weddings. It’s a day that’s touched with a bitter sweetness, especially when it comes to daddy’s little girl.

It’s the moment your little girl is no longer a little girl, but there’s a sort of tranquility in the realization that she’s found someone who will love her with the same protective care.

And this dad couldn’t hold back his own kind of Hallelujah to celebrate her rare find!

The bride glances back at her dad as the priest gestures for him to come up on stage. He makes his way up to the podium, raising his eyebrows as a tight smile bundled with nerves and excitement crossed his face briefly.

It had fallen quiet, freezing the palpable emotions in place for a brief moment. Then the silence that has settled over the audience was broken by the gentle melody of Hallelujah floating through the air.

But as he opened his mouth and began to sing, the words were a little different. Instead of the mournful story of broken hearts and lost love told in the original, dad had a much more uplifting spin!

His song told a tale of the newly weds special day, with friends and family by her side, she really is a blushing bride…in this house of God above, they join hands and they show their love, they say those most important I dos, yeah. Hallelujah!

As he released his final note, he does a Ringo Starr-esque finger kiss and tosses it towards his daughter, as he tries to control the joyous tears flowing under the surface of his face, then embraces the pair in a bear hug.

Well, Hallelujah, and well-done! If this dads tribute to his daughters future touched your heart, be sure to share this video and spread the love.

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