Crafter Combines An Antique Window With Old Fence Posts To Create A Gorgeous Table

There’s always something sad about things getting tossed out, especially when they clearly have so much history. And when you think about how much usable material goes to waste every day, well, it’s really depressing!

Luckily, there are plenty of crafty people who are more than happy to take those old, unwanted things and turn them into something new, practical, and beautiful as well asa little unexpected!

People have used old items to create all kinds of new ones,turning window shutters into planters and even wedding dresses into Christmas decorations.

But it’s always even better when two things that would never have gone together get transformed into something completely new.

One crafter, Imgur user needavr1990, did just that. An old window and pieces of an old fence were cleverly pieced together to create a shabby-chic coffee table. Not only that, the new piece of furniture could double as a storage space too.

This table is a great way to celebrate something from the past, and it makes a beautiful addition to the room.

It just shows that by looking that something a little differently, you may just get inspired to create something totally new!

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It all started with this window that Imgur user needdavr1990 had lying around from a few years ago.

It looks like the old window was used as an offbeat sort of picture frame, but it was just taking up space.

This wood used to be a fence, and needdavr1990 bought it from someone selling it on Craigslist.

In all, the materials weren’t much to look at, but they had potential.

First thing was to remove the old, rusted screwsfrom the fence. They were so old that they had to be pried out with a drill bit and a hammer.

The fence wood was then measured and cut to fit the dimensions of the window. For more stability, needdavr1990 decided to double up the boards and create a thicker border.

The boards were glued together to make the double thickness. After the glue dried, the ends were cut at an angle to make corners.

While the box’s corners were drying, it was time to cut more wood for the base.

Then everything started coming together. Clamps helped keep the box steady and positioned correctly while the sides were drilled together.

Boards were also attached to the bottom to create a base.

The box portion was done, but it didn’t look much like a table yet.

The window was attached to the top of the box with hinges. First some grooves needed to be carved in so that the window would lie flush with the box when closed.

With the grooves carved, everything was snug and smooth.

A knob was installed at the bottom of the window.

The window was painted, but the fence wood was not, so a match needed to be found.

The off-white paint was applied roughly to mimic the distressed, weather-beaten look of the window. After it dried, some paint was even scraped off to make it look even more rustic, and to make the fence wood match the window.

Then, a chain was installed so that the window, now the surface of the table, could stay propped open on its own.

Steel legs were screwed into the bottom, and it was ready to go!

These legs also give the table a modern edge, which makes it look at home in a more contemporary living room.

When opened, the new table serves as a storage space for books, knickknacks, and more. And because the top is glass, the items can still be appreciated.

Even better, the items can be viewed while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

The finished table adds a bit of rustic charm to the room, but it’s still functional and practical.

Do you like this take on a coffee table? Let us know in the comments, and SHARE this DIY project with anyone looking to repurpose something old into something totally new!

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