Brilliant Wife Throws Her Pringles-Obsessed Husband The Best Birthday Party Ever

Very few people will ever know you like your wife or husband does.

Friends and family know the side of you that you show to the world the side that never forgets an anniversaryand gets excited about anything that has the word “chocolate” in it.

But your spouse knows the other, “realer” you. They know the side that watches reality TV, snores like a freight train, and in the case of Imgur user theflippest is just a wee bit obsessed with Pringles potato chips.

We all have things that we geek out about, like tiny animalsand Barbra Streisand movies.And, because they love us, our significant others put up with those things, even though they might not share our passion.

Well, this Pringles-loving man’s wife did much more than just tolerate his passion for potato chips. She used it to give him the best birthday party ever.

Scroll through below to see the amazing pictures of how this Pringles-inspired birthday partyturned out!

“I think I might be the unofficialking of Pringles,” this lucky guy wrote when posting his story on Imgur.

He continued: “A while ago I told my wife that someday I thought it would be amazing to have a picnic and have a whole bunch of cans of Pringles to choose from. So, for my birthday, my wife and a friend made the dream come true and got me more Pringles flavors than I ever could imagine.”

The collectionof Pringles they amassed for the celebration was truly impressive!

They had to searcha variety of different stores, such as Family Dollar, Walmart, Target, and Dollar General.

All that searching yielded some very curious flavors that most of us have probably never seen.

It also goes to show how much this wife really cared about making this a once-in-a-lifetime celebration for her husband!

There was a whole selection of South of the Border flavors like Chile y Limon and Crispy Corn & Black Bean.

There were some truly strange sounding ones like Memphis BBQ and Mango Salsa.

There were also some “all-American” flavors that you’d never expect to see ina potato chip, like a cheeseburger variety!

There were even some crazy dessert flavors, like Salted Caramel and Milk Chocolate. Who knew that you could have potato chips for dessert?

Somehow his wife and friend also found a way to import even more crazy Pringles flavors that are only available in Japan!

He wrote: “Some strange names and concepts, but very enjoyable. We have American Caesar Salad, Party Chicken, Consomm, Mustard Nugget Sauce, Eggs Benedict, Green Curry, Butter and Soy Sauce, and Wasabi Mayo.”

This picture shows the difference between the Pringles we get here in the States (left) and the Pringles that came from Japan (right).

“I kind of enjoyed its petiteness but since it was in a standard diameter Pringle can, the chips were less secure and many were crumbled,” he said about the Japanese chip flavors.

With all these exotic flavors to choose from, you’d think he would have had a hard time choosing his favorite, but he eventually narrowed it down to five.

He wrote: “These were my personal favorites: Honey Mustard, Loaded Baked Potato, Zesty Salsa, Pecan Pie (tasted like waffles… but I fully approve) and last is a Japanese flavor very much like honey mustard, but with a little extra tang… I believe it translates to ‘Mustard Nugget Sauce.’”

You might think that was the end of the epic Pringle birthday party, but you’d be wrong!

This Imgur user’s brilliant wife also made him a one-of-a-kind passport book in which he could document all the new flavors he tasted.

The passport book was accompanied by a custom-made “Done Pringled It” stamper that he could use to mark his conquests!

The passport book was a trulyunique way to commemorate this awesome party something hewill treasure forever!

Last, but certainly not least, his wife and friend made him some hilarious Pringles “recipes” that could be made by mixing different combinations of chips together.

This one is the “Lactose Tolerance” and is made by mixing nacho cheese, chili & cheese, cheddar & sour cream, chile con queso, pizza, and cheeseburger chips together.

This recipe is called the “TGI Friday” and it calls for “one honey mustard chip and two cheeseburger chips to be combined and eaten with Guy Fieri.”

His loved onescertainly have a tasty sense of humor!

After all that chip eating, it’s no surprise that this lucky husband needed a long nap (and maybe an antacid!).

He wrote: “Here is a picture foreshadowing my near-certain death by Pringles. What a way to go though.”

Who knew that potato chips could bring one man so much joy? It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to put a smile on the face of someone you love.

Do you have something you love as much as this man loves Pringles? Let us know in the comments.

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