Bride Breaks Tradition And Gets Married In Black Wedding Dress

Australian blogger and loving mother Sophie Cachia decided to do something different for her wedding. Instead of getting married wearing a traditional, white wedding gown, she opted for a stunning black dress, while her husband, Jaryd, wore a maroon dinner jacket with a paisley shirt, black bow tie, and leather pants. The Cachias say that they did it for themselves, but Sophie is even more candid in her explanation:

“The first thing I must state is that my choice had NOTHING to do with the old ‘white wedding dresses are for virgins,’” Cachia told Motherish. “Evidently though, my 18-month-old son Bobby is proof that that boat sailed years ago. I only assume that throughout my experiences and knowledge of our generation that if only virgins wore white, we’d be seeing more of an array of multi-coloured brides.”

Sophie Cachia didn’t want to get married like everyone else

Illustration by jakominav

Watch a video of the wedding below:

Jaryd + Sophie – Highlight Film from Life in Light Films on Vimeo.

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